Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rip Cassandra Cain

The hardest thing in this war of mine, is that it has casualties. The first child to come to me wanting Justice for what happened to his parents was Richard "Dick" Grayson.

Second Came Jason Tod. A boy who in retrospect was not ready for the responsibility of being Robin. He was murdered by the Joker, only to come back to life mysteriously later. He was the first tragedy.

Not long after The Joker shot Barbra Gordon The first Batgirl. She's now One of my most trusted allies, as Oracle. What happened to Stephanie Brown Is still too fresh to have had another death happen so soon.

Yet Cassandra Cain the Batgirl , died needlessly In a war between an alien royal family. Iron Man Was using her as a bargaining chip, to get that boy Vincent , and his sister over to register. he had somehow gotten a hold of that tape that I doctored to make it look like Cassandra had murdered someone to get her in with The League Of Assassins. The same one Robin turned in later To The Gotham Pd, and I Had Jim Gordon bury.

After all the odd behavior he's been showing I put a bug on his armor. That's Where I discovered this mess. While Flying to the Shield holding facility. I hear Stark's interrogation Of Vincent. "You know I have dipolmatic immunity don't you?" The boy shouts.

" No your people are at war with ours! And in case you've forgotten, your mother is an American citizen. Which makes you one saiyan boy! Now are you going to sign the paper or not!"

I hear what sound like massive destruction. And Doc Samson 's Voice comes over the speaker's " The saiyan girl escaped!"

Stark yells " How can you be so incompetent to let a teenager escape from you?"

Samson's voice breaks. " That kid's surprisingly strong!She looks like a harmless girl.. but ."

" That's the problem with these damned saiyans!" Stark Raves. " They look human but they aren't! But we have this one and he's not going anywhere until he pledged to fight by our side."

" Man! Your breathe smells nasty!" Vincent replies. " What is that?"

" Never mind that!" Stark yells. " How about you start telling me some of the few secret Identities I don't know like oh say Batman?"

" I hear "Your Momma." Before I go into the facility. I face Stark in a suit I had made just for the occasion.

I attack Iron Man while Vincent just kind of sits there. He knocks me through the roof. Which actually went to my advantage. I had more room to maneuver away from his repulsor, and other tricks.

My armor fires batrangs like a machine gun until I get close enough too use my skills, which quit frankly Tony Stark can't match on his best day . Unless he cheats. Which is what he did when he started fighting in in Vegeta's style.

The bug I put on Tony's armor had another use it scanned it's design So I knew he was downloading people's fighting styles. I used a radio control to give him the physical abilities of an infant.

After that I rejoined the battle with the other heroes and against the saiyans with a newly reappeared Vegeta. Cassandra argued with me to come as well. i knew it was a bad idea. I wish I was firmer with her.

The boy she was so infatuated with was blasted and she just attacked the the saiyan that did it blindly. She disappeared in a flash of Heat Vision. I wanted to kill the monster that had done this but was stopped., By The saiyan Prince.

" Don't stop me! He murdered Batgirl!" I protest.

Then he starts saying nonsense. "She can be wished back! Now don't start up the battle again This way it will end with only one or two deaths instead of the whole race. Father I choose myself as the champion!"

He obviously lost his mind. I look over at Vincent's twin sister crying and I was sick of this. All these lives, and the destruction caused just because of some family squabble.

I left. I knew if Vegeta lost his little duel the rest of the heroes would defeat the saiyans.The enormity of had happened to Batgirl had hit me. I flew the Batwing to home to the cave.

" Master Bruce? Where is mistress Cassandra?" Alfred cheerily asks.

" She's not coming back Alfred."

" Oh no." He whispers.

After hours of just sitting there I think about what must be done. Barbra will be devastated. Night Wing too. And Tim, he's lost so many This might drive him over the edge. But for now I can only do what I can for her, since there isn't even a body to bury all I can do is this.


Elektra said...

My deepest respects to the loss of your protoge. You will expect to find all inmates of Arkham returned to there cells, me and the Hand will pull out of Gotham city by midnight.
If you need any assitance from The Hand or myself in light of this event feel free to ask so.

Vegeta said...

I'm insane eh? A little mad maybe But I guess you'll see when Cassandra is restored.

Nightwing said...

Batman, outta interest can I castrate Kon-El with kryptonite?

Batman said...

tElektra: Thank you

Vegeta: You are insane, Just not about this

Nightwing: Sure But superman may have something to say about it.

Nightwing said...

She needs to experience things in order to LEARN. Did you just watch people fight and suddenly think HEY! I'm a skilled martial artists! NO! You had to fight in order to learn and Cassandra at this point in her life has to love in order to learn.
I'll have a word with Cass, if anybody knows how to balance love and work its me.

Nightwing said...

So you don't need to overreact on the whole "love over mission thing."

Batman said...

wo problems with that Nightwing, first She has no prior expirence with anything but fighting, and that boy Grew 16 years in a week, Neither one of them should be kept otthier own devices for very long Example the Conner thing.

second your the last person who should be talking too her about this subject.